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Just a chick from the country

Physical fitness and nutritional health became a passion for me after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease at age 32. I grew up in the clean, green countryside of New Zealand and was always very physically active, but shortly after turning 16 I began battling a relentless list of deliberating symptoms that changed the direction of my life. Doctors had no idea what was wrong in the beginning, so I took control of my own destination by reading everything I could on achieving the optimal diet,  understanding functional movement and completing my training as a Personal Trainer.

It's through this journey of self-healing that I want to share what I've learned with others. What's worked for me and what hasn't. How I felt throughout the journey and the struggles I've overcome (and in some cases still trying to) overcome.  

I'm a no-nonsense, no sugar coating kinda chick, so if you're looking for someone who tells it like it is and gives both sides of the story, then I hope you find my blogs informative, relatable and a little entertaining. 

You're not alone in chasing the ultimate dream of physical beauty, functional fitness and optimal health, so I hope what I share on this site motivates you to continue to push forward and make your dreams become a reality, living your best life, happy, healthy and fit, and never be scare to send me a message and let me know about your own journey.

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